Yamal-401 / 90E

Yamal-401 is large-sized satellite. The payload power of this satellite is more than 10 kW. Satellite was launched on December 15, 2014.

Yamal-401 Coverage Zone
Russian Beam
Yamal-401 Coverage Zone
Northern Beam
Yamal-401 Coverage Zone
Russian Beam

Yamal-401 satellite was launched to the 90°E orbital position.

Satellite combined payload consists of seventeen standard C-band 72 MHz, eighteen standard Ku-band 72 MHz and eighteen “planned” Ku-band 36 MHz transponders. So, the total Yamal-401 satellite capacity is 53 transponders or 88 equivalent 36 MHz transponders.

A fixed contoured Russian/CIS beam is formed on Yamal-401 to operate in C-band.

Two fixed contoured beams are formed to operate in Ku-band.

Northern beam covers not only all the visible territory of Russia but near-by countries too. The highest power of this beam is focused on the most populated territory of Russia. Transponders with standard bandwidth (eighteen 72 MHz transponders) is used in Northern beam.

Russian beam exactly contours the Russian borders. Transponders with “planned” bandwidth (eighteen 36 MHz transponders) operate in this beam.

Technical performance

Orbital Position
Payload Power, W
Frequency Band
Number of Transponders and Bandwidth, MHz
17x72 (С)
18x72 (Ku)
18x36 (Ku)
Transmitter Output Power, W
90 (С)
150 (Ku)
Station Keeping Accuracy, deg
Satellite Axes Orientation Accuracy, deg.
Launch Date
December 15, 2014