Yamal-402 Satellite Was Used for Soccer 2017 Africa Cup of Nations’

15 February 2017

Yamal-402 satellite capacity was used for Soccer 2017 Africa Cup of Nations’ recently held in Gabon. This broadcasting was implemented by Equinoxe Televison Cameroun company.

Theophile Biamou, Chief Operating Officer of Equinoxe says that he is happy with the performance of Southern Beam of Yamal-402 satellite, which has a good coverage of Sub-Sahara Africa. Equinoxe and Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) have further plans to develop business for full-time and occasional use TV broadcasting.

The winner of Africa Cup of Nations’ is Cameroon Team, which now will participate in Confederation Cup held in Russia in June 2017. To arrange back-up links for TV broadcasting of Confederation Cup games and then later Soccer World Cup (2018) another GSS’ satellite Yamal-202 will be used.

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