Yamal-402 is being actively used for SNG in Africa

9 March 2016

During Cabsat-2016 exhibition Gazprom Space Systems concluded an Agreement on Yamal-402 satellite capacity delivery for SNG services provision on African market.

Telemedia (Republiс of South Africa), that have been using Yamal-402 satellite capacity for two years on a regular basis for broadcasting of African channels packages and Angola’s state TV, actively develops SNG services on the African continent (political events, elections, sport competitions etc.). A set of flyaway vehicles and portable satellite communication stations, owned by Telemedia, and Yamal-402 satellite capacity with the optimal coverage Sub-Sahara Africa, as well as an availability of Africa — Europe cross-connection, allow to quickly and efficiently organize occasional use broadcasting and TV contribution both within the African continent and from Africa to Europe.

The Agreement on Yamal-402 satellite capacity delivery for SNG services provision on African market was signed by Dmitry Sevastiyanov, the Director General of Gazprom Space Systems and Peter Bretherick, the Managing Director of Telemedia.

The second Agreement, concluded with the German company IABG (Frank Bauner, CEO), requires the occasional use of the Yamal-402 satellite capacity for the organization of television and other content transmission in Nigeria. This Agreement essentially strengthened the cooperation between the companies, lasting for more than 10 years.

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