IABG develops business on Yamal-402 Satellite

11 March 2015

Today at CABSAT-2015 exhibition (Dubai, UAE) Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, Director General, Gazprom Space Systems, and Frank Bauner, CEO, IABG, signed new contract on Yamal-402 satellite capacity utilization. Thus IABG becomes one of the biggest Yamal-402 satellite capacity consumers.

New capacity will expand the range of the services provided in Africa for governmental, banks structures, corporate and maritime networks based on iDirect technology.

To work via Yamal-402 Satellite IABG uses Hub station with 8m antenna based in Ottobrunn (Germany). Gazprom Space Systems and IABG partnership began in 2005 on Yamal-202 Satellite and now continues on Yamal-402. VSAT networks working through Yamal-402 have great potential for development and IABG intends to increase amount of the capacity leased from Gazprom Space Systems.

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