TV programs of the first DTT multiplex are broadcasted via Yamal-202 satellite

18 January 2012

The distribution of four digital packages of the first DTT multiplex programs via Yamal-202 satellite over the broadcasting zones M, G and V (European part of Russia and Western Siberia) has begun.

The following channels are included to the first DTT multiplex: Channel One, Russia, Russia 2, NTV, St. Petersburg — Channel Five, Russia K, Russia 24, Carousel, and also three radio channels: Vesti-FM, Mayak and Radio of Russia.

The digital package of programs in MPEG-4 standard is formed in the RSCC’s Shabolovka Technical Center and transmitted via terrestrial fiber optical line into Satellite Communications Center «Bear Lakes» (Moscow Region), where these programs are uplinked to Yamal-202.

The fourth package, where the regional channel of Chechen Public TV and Radio Company is included, is uplinked to Yamal-202 from Grozny city.

Project is implemented under the framework of the Federal Target Program Development of TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009–2015.
So, at the beginning of 2012 in total 146 TV channels are broadcasted through Gazprom Space Systems’ Yamal-201 and Yamal-202 satellites.

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