Dmitriy Sevastiyanov spoke about Gazprom Space Systems’ growth strategy on the international forum WSBW in Paris

8 September 2014

The World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) takes place in Paris during September 8th to 12th.

Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, Gazprom Space Systems’ Director General, participated in the first day session «Growth strategies for FSS operators from Russia to Asia Pacific». .

In the opening speech Dmitriy Sevastiyanov stated that Gazprom Space Systems demonstrated 29% revenue growth in 2013, which was achieved thanks to the increasing loading of new Yamal-300K and Yamal-402 satellites. Company’s income overcame the amount of 100 million US dollars that resulted in getting three positions higher in the Space News rating.

The company strengthened its position on the Russian satellite capacity market. Now the satellite capacity offer within the Russian territory is about 500 transponders, and 25% of them are Gazprom Space Systems’ share.

As for the international market, new satellites allowed the company to start developing new regions. Mainly, these regions are Africa and the Middle East. In spite of the tough competitiveness on these markets Gazprom Space Systems succeeded in doubling its customer base outside Russia within one year. Now the international market brings to the company about 20% of income.

Its short-term development Gazprom Space Systems associates with a launch of Yamal-401 satellite to the 90E orbital position which is planned at the end of this year. Following the launch the current Yamal-300K satellite will be relocated to the East, that will allow the company to expand its business geography and to support the Eastern projects of our main shareholder Gazprom.

Yamal-401 launch, and then - till 2020 – two high throughput satellites’ launches will increase the Yamal system orbital capacity by 6 times, and the system’s throughput will exceed 80 Gbit/s.

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