Dmitry Sevastiyanov spoke on the international forum World Satellite Business Week in Paris

13 September 2013

During September 9-13 World Satellite Business Week was held in Paris.

On September 9 Dmitry Sevastiyanov, Director General of Gazprom Space Systems (GSS), spoke on the session «Satellite operators from BRIC countries: Opportunities for growth»..

The session was dedicated to the satellite telecommunication markets analysis of the countries with the fastest developing economies and to the strategies of the national satellite operators from these countries.

At the beginning of his report Dmitry Sevastiyanov reminded about the last year launch of the two new GSS’ satellites, which have changed the power balance on the Russian market.

The capacity of Yamal-300K satellite, placed in the orbital position 90 E, counts 52 equivalent С- and Ku-bands transponders. 90% of this capacity is concentrated in beams over Russia. Even more powerful satellite Yamal-402 is operating in the position 55 E. Its capacity is 66 equivalent Ku-band transponders. About 60% of the satellite capacity is intended to develop business on the Russian market.

These two launches 2.5 times increased the capacity of the company’s fleet. The satellite capacity supply on the Russian market increased by 24%, while Gazprom Space Systems’ share on this market increased up to 36%.

Dmitry Sevastiyanov noted that one of the key factors of the Russian market growth is TV. Now about 1400 TV channels are broadcast via satellites both from Moscow and from the Russian regions. 60% of them – within packages of the Russian DTH operators, the rest – for distribution through air and cable networks. Yamal satellites occupies 50% share on the Russian TV distribution niche.

One of the last year developments is revival of the Russian consumer market of the broadband access. Just not long ago there were only hundreds of the individual users of these services. Now based on new satellite capacity providers started proposing affordable services, and there is a trend for increase of the quantity of VSATs private use. At present the total number of VSATs in Russia is about 60 thousand, 20% of them operate via Yamal satellites.

In conclusion Dmitry Sevastiyanov told about the company’s short-range plans. Next satellite – Yamal-401 – with 88 equivalent transponders and fully Russian coverage will be launched in the first half of next year into 90 E orbital slot. This will enable to relocate the operating satellite Yamal-300К farther to the East to provide effective services over the Far East and support the maritime traffic in the north of the Pacific Ocean.

And at the beginning of 2016 Gazprom Space Systems should have a high throughput satellite. Yamal-601 will replace Yamal-202 in the position 49 E. Together with С- and Ku-band transponders it will host a Ka-band payload. 40 beams will cover all visible territory of Russia. The satellite’s throughput capability (30 Gbit/s) will enable to serve up to million users. This satellite will allow the broadband access to be really widespread in Russia.

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