Axelspace and Gazprom Space Systems cooperate on Earth Observation projects for the energy sector

23 September 2020

Axelspace Corporation (Japan) and Gazprom Space Systems signed a Memorandum of Understanding providing for joint activities to expand opportunities for Earth Observation data usage and informed decisions making.

With the active support of Mitsui & Co. LTD and Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC, Axelspace and Gazprom Space Systems signed this Memorandum of Understanding to explore the possibilities of providing competitive remote sensing solutions, especially for the energy industry, by sharing satellite imagery from AxelGlobe's Axelspace platform, which is based on its own GRUS microsatellite constellation , and images that will be supplied by the SMOTR space remote sensing system based on SMOTR-V satellites. AxelGlobe is a next generation Earth observation platform developed by Axelspace, consisting of dozens of microsatellites called GRUS. The first GRUS satellite was launched in December 2018, and its data began to be provided to a wide range of customers from May 2019. Applications range from agriculture to disaster monitoring, urban planning and land management. Axelspace is ready to launch four more GRUS satellites in the near future, which will significantly increase the frequency of objects observation.

The SMOTR system is being developed by Gazprom Space Systems (a subsidiary of Gazprom), which carries out space activities in the field of creation and operation of telecommunication and geo-information space systems in the interests of Gazprom Group companies and other customers. The main task of the system is to monitor gas infrastructure as well as provide environmental monitoring.

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