Gazprom and Roscosmos expand cooperation in terms satellite systems development and use

31 December 2020

The meeting was chaired by Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Yuri Urlichich, First Deputy General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation. The parties discussed the progress in the construction of Assembly Integration and Test Facility (AIT) by Gazprom in the Moscow Region, as well as the issue of Roscosmos State Corporation joining the charter capital of the project operator - Gazprom AIT.

There will be organized the production of civil spacecraft at the AIT Facility for the needs of Gazprom and other customers. In particular, there will be built Yamal communication satellites as well as optical satellites for the Earth remote sensing system SMOTR. In addition, there will be possible to assemble and test serial small spacecraft as part of the promising Sphere program, which is being implemented by the Roscosmos State Corporation.

During the event, Dmitry Sevastiyanov, Director General of Gazprom Space Systems, and Yuri Urlichich signed the cooperation agreement. The document, in particular, reflects the interest of the Roscosmos State Corporation in the creation of spacecraft at the AIT Facility. The State Corporation is also ready to use the Earth remote sensing data from the SMOTR-V satellite. It is planned to be launched in 2024 and will, among other things, be equipped to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. The company will provide the State Corporation Roscosmos with up to 30% of the capacity of this spacecraft.

The parties will also work out the possibility of using the network of receiving stations of the Unified Earth Sensing Information System (the system was created by the State Corporation Roscosmos) to receive data from Gazprom's spacecraft.

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