CommunicAsia 2017: Yamal satellites are in demand on the Asian market

29 May 2017

Annual International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference CommunicAsia 2017, the most high-profile event of this kind in Asia-Pacific Region, came to end in Singapore.

There was introduced a wide range of space technologies and services: satellite operators demonstrated the capabilities of their orbital fleets. The efforts of Gazprom Space Systems were focused on promotion of Yamal satellites capacity for services throughout the region.

The Asian market is one of strategic markets for Gazprom Space Systems. Thus around 40% of revenue, gained by the company outside Russia, ensure the sales of capacity for service delivery on this market. The main contribution to it is made by Yamal-202 and Yamal-300K satellites.

As before, Yamal-202 satellite in 49˚E is in demand on this market, with its semiglobal coverage area in C-band. In particular, an agreement for increase of Yamal-202 capacity utilization for providing services for maritime and oil & gas sector was signed with a known company Speedcast.

Yamal-300K satellite in 183˚E (or 177˚W) continue to gather pace as well. The wide Ku-band fixed beam of this satellite covering the Far East, the Pacific ocean and the west coast North America, is increasingly used for maritime and inflight connectivity. GSS reached an agreement with Kacific for expansion of capacity leased in Yamal-300K steerable beam, which is used to provide cost efficient Internet access services (in particular, for schools and health facilities) in Pacific Islands.

The delegation of Gazprom Space Systems held a large number of meetings and discussions, as well as prolonged existing contracts. The agreements, reached at the exhibition, will allow the company to strengthen its positions on the Asian market and increase the volume of Yamal satellites capacity sales.

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