Gazprom Space Systems' participation in the World Satellite Business Week

22 September 2009

From September 7 to 10 the annual World Satellite Business Week took place in Paris. This forum is held each year and is the most important event in the satellite industry, gathering the top management of companies working in this sphere such as satellite operators, satellite and launch vehicles manufacturers, providers of satellite services, and also representatives of the biggest insurance companies and banks.

The organizer of the Week is Euroconsult, the leading global consulting and analyst company specialized in the satellite sector.

Traditionally during the Week thematic symposiums are held dedicated to satellite services' market forecasts, satellite industry financing, development of different satellite business segments. This year for the first time the Symposium Earth Observation Business was conducted.

Within the scope of the Week for the 13th time the World Summit for Satellite Financing was held. On the Summit the satellite telecommunications market condition and development prospects were analyzed, commercial banks' approaches to projects financing were examined and the appeal of satellite assets for private and public investors was studied. The strategies of global satellite operators during the world crisis, the problems and prospects of satellite manufacturers and launch services providers were discussed. Space risks and insurance of satellite projects were also the point of issue. A big interest was taken in the mobile satellite operators and the development of the broadband satellite services.

Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, Director General, Gazprom Space Systems, took part in the panel Regional Satellite Operators Revisit Prospects and Strategies. At the panel the top executives of the regional satellite operators discussed the strategies of their companies development and the matters of new projects financing. The main topics of discussion were: the impact of economic crisis on the companies business and investment activity, the basic applications and services influencing the dynamics of satellite capacity demand, the new technologies adoption, the price situation on the satellite capacity market, the competition between the global and regional operators, etc.

Nikolay Sevastiyanov, Designer General, Gazprom Space Systems, spoke on the 1st Symposium on Earth Observation Business at the panel Added-Value Brought by EO Data for Private Users. In his presentation he told about problems being solved by Earth observation satellites, about the necessity to use the Earth observation space systems in the oil and gas industry, and also about the main characteristics of the orbital constellation of the Smotr system being developed by Gazprom Space Systems.

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