AltegroSky expands on Yamal-402

16 September 2013

Universal satellite communications operator – AltegroSky – announced about finalization of the activities on the capacity expansion for its network on Yamal-402 satellite.

AltegroSky Group successfully performed activities on the satellite network capacity expansion on Yamal-402 satellite. From the beginning of 2013 AltegroSky used one and a half of transponder on the satellite. In comparison with Astra 1F satellite operating in this position in 2012 high energy performance of Yamal-402 (EIRP is 52 dBW) allowed expanding significantly the service zone from the Urals to the Far East for broadband services using end user’s equipment with antenna of 0.74 m diameter (HN modems).

Thanks to growth of the subscribers’ base and traffic volume used by the clients, AltegroSky decided to extend the network capacity in advance in order to provide their clients with high service level. The direct and return links information rates are up to 8 and 1.5 Mbps correspondingly, that will provide for clients – AltegroSky subscribers with the guaranteed operation even of the fastest applications such as Skype, videoconferencing or video monitoring through internet.

In addition to already working equipment the Network Management System (NMS) was bought in order to extend the network throughput. The equipment was bought in Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes, USA). After the equipment installation and adjustment additional satellite capacity was leased from Gazprom Space Systems, so now AltegroSky already uses 3 transponders on Yamal-402 satellite in its network thereby having become the largest capacity customer among the other satellite communications operators on this satellite.

“We are very happy that new Yamal-402 satellite allows AltegroSky, our old partner, to develop its business quickly, - Dmitry Sevastiyanov, Gazprom Space Systems’ Director General, said. – In my opinion the formula for success is high consumer performances of Yamal-402 and Hughes Network Systems equipment multiplied by AltegroSky team’s expertise and thorough understanding of the market demands”.

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