CABSAT 2018: Gazprom Space Systems expands its presence in the Middle East and North Africa

18 January 2018

At the international exhibition of telecommunication and media technologies and services  CABSAT 2018, held in Dubai, Gazprom Space Systems reached new agreements on the use of the company's satellite capacity over the Middle East and Africa region.

In particular there was finalized the contract for using Yamal-402 steerable beam, which is now focused to service the northern part of the African continent.

The European beam of this satellite is still popular, covering the Middle East as well as Europe.

Yamal-202 satellite also continues to attract providers from this region. This creates good prerequisites for the subsequent successful realization of the new Yamal-601 capacity. As scheduled, it will be put into operation in a year and assume the entire customer base of Yamal-202.

Other satellites of Gazprom Space Systems were not overlooked as well. In particular the issues of Yamal-300K wide beam utilization were discussed.

The exhibition demonstrated that against the decline in market prices for the satellite capacity due to high competition, the demand for it continues to grow steadily.

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