CommunicAsia 2019 - Gazprom Space Systems unveiled possibilities of the new satellite Yamal-601

24 June 2019

Gazprom Space Systems traditionally exhibited at the show.

This time the emphasis was on the promotion of C-band capacity on Yamal-601 satellite, successfully launched three weeks earlier from Baikonur. This satellite will replace Yamal-202, the satellite, well-known in the markets of Asia and the Middle East, operating in the orbital position 49˚E since 2003.

For rendering C-band services Yamal-601 has semi-global service area, which covers the visible part of Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Middle East and part of South East Asia. It provides full consistency of operations with Yamal-202 payload for seamless transfer of the clients’ networks. The service area and the frequency plan of the new satellite is almost the same as on Yamal-202, while the higher performance of Yamal-601 will give additional benefits to the users.

The satellite Yamal-300К in the orbital position 183˚E is still in high demand for this region as well. The exhibition showed interest to the use of the steerable beam of Yamal-300К and the southern beam of Yamal-402 for maritime connectivity.

The exhibition gave the floor to numerous meetings with C-Suite executives and managers of large companies – ISPs, satellite operators, system integrators, mobile operators amongst any others in Asia. Within the expo there were signed agreements on the increase of the satellite capacity volumes leased on Yamal satellites.

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