Digital multiplex packages of Russian TV channels were uplinked to Yamal-601 satellite

30 April 2020

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the country, specialists of Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) carried out the large-scale and important work on arranging distribution of the digital packages of television and radio multiplexes via Yamal-601 satellite. The work was carried out almost around the clock and was successfully completed in mid-April.

Six packages of first and second multiplexes and 15 channels of regional content were uplinked to the satellite, operating at 49°E orbital slot. In total there were utilized 220 MHz of C-band capacity on Yamal-601 for this purpose.

Two more multiplex packages and two regional channels were uplinked to Yamal-402 satellite, operating at 55°E in Ku-band.

In order to complete the task not only GSS’s satellite capacity, but also the capabilities of the company's Telecommunication Center in Shchelkovo were involved.

Yamal-601 satellite was launched into orbit on May 30, 2019. It was included in the Federal Target Program for the Development of Broadcasting in the Russian Federation on an extra budgetary basis. With launching the satellite Gazprom Space Systems fully fulfilled its obligations to the state.

The demand for Yamal-601 satellite, developed without state budget funds to solve the important national task of the high-quality and reliable distribution of television and radio programs, indicates that the principles of the state-private partnership in the field of satellite telecommunications work well and give good results.

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