Rally-raid livestream via Yamal

15 February 2021

Международное ралли «Шёлковый путь»

Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) has been successfully cooperating with the Silk Way International Rally Project for several years. The invaluable assistance of the company in ensuring stable communication at the bivouac brought information flow to a completely new level, and this was highly appreciated by journalists and participants of the rally-raid. Satellite broadband Internet allowed journalists to cover the race online and participants to share emotions with family and friends from any point of the route where the stable mobile connection was unavailable.

In 2018, GSS tested for the first time the possibility of live broadcasting of a video signal from the cabin of a gas-diesel KAMAZ during its movement along the special stage of the Silk Way rally-raid. This practice has long been implemented on the tracks of circuit races and classic rallies, but the length of the special stage on rally-raids is dozens of times longer than the length of any high-speed section in a regular rally, and this is the main challenge of the broadcast.

2020 stopped the development of many projects, but this season the work will continue. At the first stage of the 2021 Baja World Cup - short rally-raids - a program of live broadcasts from the special stages of the race in extreme cold conditions was implemented together with the directorate of the Russia - Northern Forest Baja and the IGORA DRIVE race track, GSS was able to quickly broadcast the key moments of the race and conduct full-fledged reports, including the work of a commentator in the frame. The race was watched by both spectators who could not get on the baja track and mechanics who never see the race, as they are always in the service.

Ilya Savelyev, head of SNG and video conferencing department of GSS: “We have been cooperating with the Silk Way Rally for many years and this season we are planning to expand the coverage of the event by increasing the number of direct broadcasts. This is particularly topical when the arrangement of crowded spectator zones is impossible due to new sanitary standards, and motorsport fans have a need to keep an eye on their idols. We will try to be “eyes” for them and show rally-raids in a “Live” mode. The main challenge is the length of each stage and the linear route of the rally, when every day you cover more than half a thousand kilometers to the final point - the next bivouac. Live broadcasts from a special stage several hundred kilometers long is a resource-intensive, expensive story, but it is quite realizable. On the Russia - Northern Forest Baja we were able to test the equipment, plunge into the raid atmosphere and draw conclusions that will help us in the implementation of our ideas in the future.

"We would like to thank our technical partner Gazprom Space Systems for the unique opportunity to follow the course of the race events, to be present and feel the atmosphere of rally-raids from any part of the world”.

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